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Japan Company Trust Organization: News Release

An international conference about fraud in Japan was held at a Tokyo Hotel. The conference was organized by NICE Actimize which is world's largest and broadest provider of financial crimes prevention solutions.

The agenda of conference was "Mitigating fraud in Japan, combating new fraud threats". The participates addressed the conference about risk of internet and...



Moss Adams Business Consultants Tips to boost cybersecurity

We’ve all been there: That moment when you find an e-mail from your bank asking you to click on a link to confirm your account information, or perhaps you discover that a sum of money was mysteriously wired from your account. An estimated 5 percent of adults in the United States falls victim to these kinds of crimes every year. While technology continues to evolve and...


Moss Adams Business Consultants Family Office

Much like a business, a family seeks to continuously build, manage, and preserve its wealth. But to run smoothly and prosper financially, a household, like a business, requires proper budgeting, cash flow, and planning. In short, it requires a trusted advisor.

We can help you fulfill that role, addressing your family’s complex needs in a customized way and bringing...


Moss Adams Business Consultants Performance Audits

When more is expected of your organization, lean on an advisor with a proven record and sensitivity to the public service environment in which you operate. Now more than ever, governments and not-for-profits are expected to demonstrate performance levels typically associated with businesses. As a result, boards, councils, and management teams have had to rethink how they ...



Moss Adams Business Consultants Audits and Accounting

Achieving reliable financial reports and regulatory compliance. Navigating risks. Streamlining operations. Promoting stakeholder confidence. The benefits of a high-quality internal audit are limitless especially when you secure yours from a firm with deep industry experience, exposure to hundreds of organizations, dedicated professionals, bench strength, and proven...


Moss Adams Business Consultants: Business owner succession

For privately held companies, succession planning is central to the longevity of your business. Whether you plan to sell your company (or otherwise transfer ownership) now or in 20 years, having a plan in place helps you in many ways: Among other things, it can inform lenders who seek assurance of business continuity, provide incentives to key members of management, and...


Oriental Consultants Limited: Social contribution

Our core business is to help people lead safe and rich lives in Japan and beyond. We are proud that our services, in and of themselves, contribute directly to significant social development.

Many projects in which we have engaged have produced benefits in the form of local security and development. The photos below depict an example from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean....


Singapore Lawyer: Smart ways to hire the right lawyer

Lawyers are specially trained in the law and will advise, assist and offer proper legal presentations. Amid the so many lawyers in Singapore, you should only hire a lawyer who will properly help you overcome charges and escape jail, or win the case.

At times, bad things can happen to good people. You may have a legal issue, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, you...


Axia Consultants business software criteria

Software functionality and management information criteria

Software should provide the functionality and management information needed by your organisation. Click the links for the essential criterion for each software.

Accounting software criteria / CRM software criteria / HR software criteria / Payroll software criteria

Software efficiency criteria

Software should be...


Dr. Richard Isaacs provides Otolaryngoloic for cancer treatment

Otolaryngology simply refers to medical attention given to ear, nose and throat conditions. Whereas in the recent past, EENT put all these three together, that is, including the eye, ENT (perhaps, a shorter and simpler way) now only refers to the said vital three organs of the human anatomy, especially because they are connected and related not only in terms of distance to...